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Natural heritage
to 11.4 Km in our area

La cascade pétrifiante de St Pierre Livron

True geological and natural curiosity, this waterfall is formed of tuff, type of pulverulent and friable limestone. It is located on a very small stream of barely a kilometer long in its aerial part, directly out of the cave of the same name, in the circus of Notre-Dame-de-Livron. The waters of this waterfall being very charged with carbonates, the tufa is deposited on the mosses and the pieces of wood in the form of a crust. The disappearance of these vegetable debris by fermentation gives, in part, to the rock its porous texture recalling that of the sponge. Registered site since 1942. Free access all year round on the D 97 road.

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Prouesse naturelle unique dans cette vallée de la Bonnette. J'aime m'y rendre très régulièrement avec ma fille de 6 ans et jouer à cache-cache. N'hésitez pas à partir à la découverte des divers moulins qui jalonnent la rivière.