Hiking - Nordic Walking

Hiking as regularly as possible, without supervision, with friends or family is essential to oxygenate and maintain one's physical abilities. It is an opportunity to discover new landscapes and encounters.

The supervision of the hikes by a qualified instructor of state brings in more:

  • the discovery of fauna, flora, history of places, small built heritage, ... but also
  • a better knowledge of the circuits, a management of the effort of each one, more security, and
  • even more meetings within the group.

The sites
Nearly 200 km of marked trails on the town (one of the largest in France), an impressive trail network on the Pays Midi Quercy and the Pays surrounding , a GR Country and two GR (36, 46).

The hikes take place along the trails of the Gorges of Aveyron and the surrounding plateaux with their remarkable natural sites (Natura 2000 classified site) but also in other areas of the region and on request, throughout the south of France. .

Objective and pedagogy
To sensitize the participants to the environment in which they evolve, aiming at the development of the senses, to better understand and preserve this environment. Bring cultural enrichment, provide information on the nature of the site by arousing curiosity. Observe the fauna and flora, the small built heritage. Discover the work of erosion on the relief and implantation of man in this landscape.

Baggage transport
For your hikes with or without an instructor, Variation can carry your luggage from stage to stage along the GR, GRP or other trails.

Half-day, day, multi-day courses with accommodation (star treks or roaming).

Nordic walk
Nordic walking is a predominantly cardio-respiratory activity using propulsion sticks. The two-hour sessions promote generalized muscle building. It is therefore an activity of maintenance of the physical condition which, in addition makes it possible to discover the landscapes of our plateaux. Regular session all the year or internships, the sticks are provided for the initiation.

Supervision of activities by state-certified instructors.