Terms & Conditions of Sales

Terms of Sales
Article 1: General.

By signing the rental agreement, the tenant accepts the rental conditions.
The "tenant" is the natural person who hires leisure equipment as an individual or the natural person who, as leader of a group, rents recreational equipment for this group. The tenant is required to present a valid ID.
As a service provider, the renter provides the lessee with leisure equipment without supervision.

Article 2: Access to rentals

Any rental of equipment will be subject to the establishment of a lease which will detail the service provided and the nature or amount of the deposit. Returned on your return, after contradictory state, and deduction made of possible damages.
For safety reasons the following points will be respected for the nautical activities:
Know how to swim 25 m and immerse yourself
Wear the buoyancy aid
Do not board children under 5 years for canoeing activity.
No recreational equipment can be rented to anyone under the age of 16. These individuals may, however, be part of a group with at least one adult. The latter will in all cases enter into the lease.
As manager of a group, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve these terms and conditions to all participants.

Article 3: Reservations and Payment

For requests subject to the establishment of an estimate, the booking will be recorded upon receipt of the accepted quote with the amount of the deposit of 30%. In the absence of deposit, before the date indicated in the estimate, the reservation will not be registered.
Unless otherwise agreed, the balance of the activity is payable at the time of the establishment of the lease based on the number of registered participants without taking into account last-minute cancellations.

Article 4: Place of employment

Leisure equipment is exclusively used in a specific or limited geographical area. Any use outside this indicated area without the explicit and prior agreement of the renter may justify the termination of the rental.

Article 5: Condition of the material

All equipment, its accessories, and all that allows its normal use, are deemed delivered in good working order. They are also considered in good standing with all legal or regulatory requirements.
The tenant will first ensure the good condition of the leisure equipment. Any remarks should be indicated on the rental agreement. Without notice from him, the tenant acknowledges receiving the leisure equipment in good working order, complete and without damage.

Article 6: Duration of the rental

Leisure equipment must be returned at the date and time and place specified on the front of this contract or estimate.
In case of late return, any extension of route or rental period, will be subject to a readjustment of billing.
If, as a result of an accident or illness, the tenant is unable to return the rented equipment, he will do so through a third party. The tenant remains nevertheless solidarily responsible for the respect of the commitments mentioned in the lease or the estimate.

Article 7: Responsibilities

Upon removal or delivery of equipment the tenant has legal and material custody of the equipment rented.
The tenant is personally responsible for any deterioration, theft or loss of the rented leisure equipment and its accessories.
The tenant will not leave the rented equipment unattended unless it is secured by a padlock and placed in a visible location.
The lessee is responsible for the use of leisure equipment, in particular with regard to: road safety, regulations, compliance with the rules governing respectively the public and private domain and taking into account the environment.
He is forbidden to sublet, and or lend leisure equipment without the agreement of the lessor.Failure to do so will result in liability.
The tenant will use the leisure equipment as a good father.

Article 8: Insurance

EURL Variation has insurance covering its professional liability, the tenant's liability is not covered by EURL Variation. We advise you to be covered by personal insurance in civil liability and individual accident (in case of bodily injury).

Article 9: Return of material

At the end of the rental agreement, if extended by mutual agreement, the tenant is obliged to return the equipment in good condition. Otherwise the restoration and supply services will be billed to the tenant.
The material is returned, unless otherwise agreed, parties, the deposit of the lessor during the hours of operation of the latter.
Material not returned or destroyed, will be charged at its new catalog value, valid.